Wednesday, May 23, 2012

9 Months Old!!

 I've tried to keep Rex in the same spot for his monthly pictures, but for some reason every single picture I took of him in the chair ended with his eyes closed. I took a lot and they all looked like these. So I gave up and took the rest in his high chair, his favorite place.
 Rex is still the happiest, most mellow baby ever. He's just so happy and so good. He loves to give kisses, very slobbery kisses.
 He's a very skilled army crawler now, but still refuses to get up on his hands and knees. He's trying hard to pull up on things and wants to stand up whenever possible. He says "Da Da" and "Ty Ty".
 He 's still a great eater, but has started spitting when eating (see above picture). It pretty much drives us crazy. We've tried ignoring him, turning his chair around, walking away, flipping his cheek, nothing seems to work. Hopefully its a phase he'll grow out of soon!
 He's finally made peace with strollers and will actually sit pretty well in one now. It has made it possible for us to actually go out and do things every now and then.
We love our sweet baby and are just so grateful every day to have him in our family.


Tucker Mom said...

He would spit food at me when I was there. He is such a cute boy. Still can't wait for our visit.

Robyn... Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

He is so cute Kim! What an adorable baby boy!