Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rex's Eye Surgery

Rex had surgery at Duke at the beginning of the month. He'd been losing his contact on such a regular basis that it was interfering with his sight and his progression in his eye. So, they went ahead and put a permanent implant in. 
He did really good. We were worried about having to brace his arms so that he'd leave his eye alone, but he left it alone on his own and we didn't have to put the braces on even once.
 We are so grateful that we live close to the Duke Eye Center where he can get such optimal care. People travel great distances to see our doctor there, he's the best!
By the time we were driving home Rex was his happy, smiling self! So, where do we go from here? He had to wear his eye shield for 2 weeks and get 12 drops a day. We have gradually reduced his drops and he is now only getting 3 a day. He gets a break until June 13th to let his eye heal, so no patching for a few weeks. When we go back in June he'll resume his patching regiment and also be fitted for glasses. We are hopeful this will be  a good change for him and his vision will take a big upswing!


Jessica Brown said...

Tough kid, tough mom!

Tucker Mom said...

Such a cutie, love those red glasses He will be so handsome. Can't wait for our visit.