Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Annemarie: 6 and 7 months

This little girl does not want pictures of herself smiling. I seriously have the hardest time getting her to cooperate. She's still a cute little thing though. 
Annemarie rolled over the day before she turned 6 months old, she hasn't stopped rolling since! 
 She loves, loves, loves to give kisses and will grab your face with both hands and plant one on you every time you pick her up. Seriously adorable. 
 She smiled a little better for me in these 7 month photos! At 7 months, she's trying really hard to sit up, but still struggling with maintaining the position. She's eating baby food like a champ and we've started giving her some really simple table foods. 
 She's a wonderful sleeper. She is still the best baby around. She rarely, if ever, cries. She's super relaxed and content to just sit back and enjoy the show. 
She is adored by her brothers. 
 Just for fun here are all the kids 7 month pictures. I think she looks a lot like Tyler. Imagine if I put her in boy clothes and didn't put a bow on her head...

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