Monday, April 14, 2014

Cruising with the King!

So, Ken and I had the chance to go on a cruise with his friends from college (of course they are my friends too!!) It was amazing and wonderful and pictures will never do it justice, but I'll try. For the life of me, I couldn't get my pictures in the right order, so you'll have to bear with some very out of sequence pictures. Sorry.

We flew into Puerto Rico and spent our first day exploring Old San Juan. It was really awesome.

We couldn't resist a few great photo ops.

 They had this awesome dungeon and there were drawings on the wall that were doodled there by a pirate awaiting execution.
This cemetery was amazing. 
Ken and David have been friends since grade school. Not many people can boast such a long friendship!

So, my mom made all the guys crocheted beards. We had a blast with them. We wore them all over and tried to get as many pictures as we could with people wearing the beards. 
 I wish we had pictures of all the "professional" photos we had taken on the ship. We took advantage of every opportunity and had so much fun coming up with bizarre photos.
At the end of the cruise, the guys played dodgeball against the staff, while wearing their beards. 
They kicked some cruise staff booty!
Our first stop was in St. Thomas. We went to an amazing testimony meeting there. 
At our second stop, St. Croix, we hiked in to some tide pools. They were so beautiful. If you look in the horizon you can see how blue the ocean is. 
 Our third stop was in Antigua. We hired Elmo to be our guide for the day and had the best time. He thought we were off our rockers at first, but by the end he was wishing we didn't have to go home. He took us to his little recording studio and we jammed with him and his band mate Bomb.
 The beach here in Antigua was unbelievable. The sand was so silky and soft. I can't even describe how amazing it was.
 This is Devil's Bridge. It is gorgeous. Elmo took Ken out on it, which is not something tourists usually get to do.
 Sandy and I stopped and campaigned for the local UPP political party.
Martinique was not our favorite stop. We walked around and did some scuba diving and remembered dear old Sammy. 
 In St. Thomas we took a Segway tour. They were SO fun. I really wish I had one to ride all the time. St. Thomas was beautiful.
 After disembarking the ship, we spent the weekend in Puerto Rico. We explored the rain forest (and got totally rained on).

 I really love this picture of Emy.
So, here are the random out of order pictures. This is Greg in Old San Juan. They pretty much had no rules as you explored their artifacts.

Here is the kitchens in the old fort. 
This may have been the first beard picture as we boarded the cruise ship. 
Here is one from St. Thomas, exploring after church. 
Visiting Elmo's favorite bakery in Antigua. 
Relaxing at the Port in Antigua. 
This is where we ate lunch in Antigua. It was so gorgeous and the food was incredible. Seriously, amazing. Good food, good views, good was a beautiful day. 
Another beautiful view in Antigua. 
We ran into the sister missionaries there when we stopped at the church building. Of course, we had to get them wearing beards!
Right before we disembarked the ship, Ken gifted the Cruise Activities director with his beard. I think it may have been the best present he'd ever received. 
Our last breakfast on the ship.
One of the many lizards we saw in Puerto Rico. They were seriously everywhere. 
This was inside a tower we climbed in the rain forest in Puerto Rico. 
This is the top of the tower. 
We got some totally delicious local food at several different times. 
This is our view from our room in Puerto Rico. Right after sunrise. 
And here it is right after sunset. 
Thanks to Grandma Red who came to stay with the kids. We had an amazing time.


Jessica Brown said...

Oh wow! Looks like a fabulous adventure!

Amy M said...

So so fun! I'm glad you two could get away from the madness. Those pictures make me seriously want to visit Puerto Rico...and Antigua.