Saturday, April 26, 2014


Easter morning at the Carlile's!
 The night before we planted jelly beans. The kids were SO excited when they found suckers had grown over night!
 Hooray for Dum-Dums!
 Trying to get a good picture of them all fancied up and hyped up on sugar...don't ask how many pictures I took before I got some I was okay with. 

 After church we had a little Easter egg hunt with some eggs Grandpa and Grandma Carlile sent. Annemarie enjoyed the sunshine. 
 Tyler found the silver egg. 
 He also technically found the gold egg, but somehow Abraham convinced him that he was the one that found it. 
 Hooray for Easter egg hunts. 
 Again with the trying to get a picture of them together. 
It was especially fun this year to explain the real reason we celebrate Easter to our children and watch the older boys understand what our Savior has done for us. We hope your Easter was as wonderful as ours. 

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