Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Make the Caption

Okay, so here is a priceless video of Tami. You guys can listen to it with no volume and come up with a caption, then listen to it with volume if you want. Anway, it was pretty darn funny, to us. Madison had another opinion. She was very, very disturbed by what was going on.

Tami tried to tempt me into diving in myself, but as I sat down and pulled back my hair, I looked over and saw my neice, looking like this. I decided to forgo the cake for her sake, the celebration was for her after all.

Oh and for those wondering what the celebration was, you'll have to wait for a post on Tami's blog. I don't want to spoil her post!


Becca said...

I would Caption it,"What we all want to do"
That is an funny video. I think you should have let Madison try it. She would have loved it I bet

Boyer Family said...

With one kid I used to be able to escape through a few pieces of candy. With two kids I had to take it up a few notches.

Davis Family said...

Tami-you should see what you have to do to escape 4 kids! That was pretty funny.

Tami- "Kim gave me SO much cake mix that she got for $.01 each that I had to throw out all my face cream to make room for it. No worries though, I found a solution!"

Charlotte said...

After Kim taught Madison how to "dance," Tami sought revenge by teaching Abe how to "eat."

(Now I am going to listen with the sound)

Peter said...

The world without arm/hands and utensils!

Jared arriving home at night.Tami? Where are all the baby wipes?

Barlow said...


Tami - "So I have been on my diet for 3 months now and this cake doesn't even tempt m..."

(Face in the cake)

Tami - "Ok... ok... I am good now, no more ca..."

(Face in the cake again)
(pan over to Abe)

Abe - no comment

Tucker Mom said...

I only get one bite I am going to make it a good one. Oh well I get two bites. No Abe you don't get any.

Madison wants a bite too. Tami is still my Tami.

Andrea said...

Another one of those weird Tucker traditions.

Shalise said...

Just an average day, stuck in the house with the kids and's a real kind of crazy!

Tucker Mom said...

What a way to get the whole cake for yourself. Just stick your face in it and no one will want a piece. It looks like a good cake. Tami is the same Tami she ways has been.

Tucker Mom said...

That is that she keeps the home full of fun and laughture and is great to have around.