Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have a Family Here on Earth...

I have been working on these posts for awhile now, and I think, as we near Thanksgiving, it is finally time to begin publishing them. We recently experienced a death in our family, and it had really caused me to reflect on the people I love and those we call family. I realized that there were many things that I hoped my family would know if something were to happen to me, or to them. I want them to know who thankful I am to have them in my life. I have broken this up into several posts, so stay tuned as I spotlight the people I love the most, starting with MY DAD! Here is what I remember and love the most about my Dad. He is about the funniest guy you will ever meet. He can do imitations of all these different voices and there have been several times where I found 20+ messages on my machine, all in a different voice ("This is President Bush, commanding you to call your Father") He was always sure that we read scriptures and had family prayer. I remember countless times of finding him reading his own scriptures, praying, or writing in his journal. He is a vigilant journal writer. He is someone who always tries to do what is right and is very close to the Spirit. If Dad tells you that he "feels" you should do something or that something is going to be a certain way, then you listen. I remember water fights and gotcha last games that went on for days. I remember that he was always worthy and willing to give me a priesthood blessing. There was one night, early on in my college years, when I got sick. I'd been homesick and this was my first time being sick away from home. I called my Dad to get some sympathy and TLC. Less than 2 hours later there was a knock on my door. There stood my Dad, ready to give me a blessing. Even though it was late and he had to drive an hour and forty five minutes home and go to work the next day, he was ready and willing to honor his priesthood. I remember my Dad taking elaborate measures to ask me out on a Daddy-Daughter date. I remember all the sacrifices he made, so that we would be a happy and have not only the things we needed, but wanted. My son, Abraham, has a special bond with my Dad. He wouldn't leave him alone, the whole time we were with them. I'm sure Abe could sense how much his Grandpa loved him. I love you, Dad. Thanks for all that you've always done for me. If those who know my Dad would like to leave a comment with a favorite memory of him, I think that'd be great!


Andrea said...

Aw, that's sweet. What a great idea. Telling people how I really feel and saying things like "I love you" and "Thank you" are really hard for me (weird, I know.) and I'm always trying to do better. You are obviously very good at it, so way to go.

Can't wait for the follow ups!

Gina said...

What a fabulous idea, Kim!

So, I don't know why, but I've always felt really comfortable and close to your family since Scott and I got married. I just love all of you so much, including your dad!

A few years ago, Uncle Rick took a motorcycle trip across the country and made it a real point to be able to see us. It made us feel really special! Since then, we've been able to see him several times on his trips out to visit and we've always had a great time catching up and spending time together. We love you, Uncle Rick!

Rachelle said...

What a great idea. I'm not family... but I hope you don't mind me telling my memories. I remember the time I talked to your dad on the phone after realizing the mistake with our computer calling your home over and over... and him saying this is Rick Tucker... who is this? And I said... Rick Tucker.. as in father of Kim Tucker?? And then I laughed my head off. (I hope you know what I am talking about). I also remember your Dad doing an enrichment for us when we were in college. He was so willing to come up and do it and I was impressed with how eager he was to serve. And lastly I remember when Aaron and I were visiting you in Pennsylvania and your parents were there too. Your Dad took us out for dinner and when we tried to pay him... he told about a time that someone had paid for their groceries when they were young. He was so grateful and this was his way of 'paying it forward'. I think your Dad's a great guy. Sorry... that was long.

Davis Family said...

Yeah Dad is pretty great. I remember when I was little and he would play outside with us. Once he threw a daddy long leg at me....that was great. He is always there when you have a need or question. Thanks Dad!

Anonymous said...

I love your dad. He is so awesome. I always think of your dad and my dad as being so much a like, that is probably why I think he is such a great uncle.

Charlotte said...

Dad has never done anything halfway! Remember his Elvis costume? Or the many uses he made for the fog machine? I remember the daddylong leg, too. And Ricky Ticky.

He has always been a great example of doing what is right. And all the grandkids adore him.

Boyer Family said...

I will always remember the many house spent playing basketball with me outside. To this day whenever I play I use the tips he showed me. Also all the times he coached my basketball teams. Thanks so much Dad, I love you!

Boyer Family said...

I mean hours. Thanks for making me feel like an idiot everyone!

Tucker Mom said...

Amen and he makes a great husband too. I guess I get the whole package.

Tucker Dad said...

OK, did I die or something? This is very nice. I do know that when I die and I am a ghost, "Who I am gona call? Carlie's Ghost Busters!

Actually, it was Honk Gonk Ticky!

Do any of your remember the anatomy lesson? (NO! Kim, not that accidental one!)

How about our secret places and dates? Do you still remember?

King of the BED!!!!!

Ah, who was it that always played the donkey in the nativity scene?

How about those driving lessons and your first exposure to hearing your dad swear?

Campouts? The bear in the camp?

Do you remember the Chinese prayer? "I know my heart and I know my mind . . . ."

And what about all the PUNS???? Was there ever an end to those senseless puns?

How about the time I rhymed family prayer?

The night time stories, "The Door" "The Boots" and all the fun famous stories switched to your names instead.

Oh, all of you know I loved you ever one every day and I will for the rest of eternity. We didn't always have much, but we had each other.

OH, how my arms and back would acke after lifting you up while laying down and having you jump to the couch.

You may not remember, because you were often alseep, but I never went to bed without kiss each one of you, (Yes! Barlow and Gordon too)and telling you how much I loved you.

Does anyone remember my famous "French Toast!" and I didn't even speak french!

How about my camping cooking of the "MESH!"

I would guess every day from the time I knew you were on the way, I've prayed for you by name (as soon as we had one) and for your future spouse and children. I think that's why I feel so comfortable with them.

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Thank you Kim for the thoughtfulness and for sharing.

Tucker Dad said...


Carlie's ghost busters!

Hong Kong Ticky!

Davis Family said...

King of the bed was a fun sunday afternoon activity. I am pretty sure I won every week. I thought the puns were the worst "pun"ishment ever! and I will never forget the countdowns to family prayer, or the time I walked out because of the countdown.....good times!

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

I actually meant to comment on the practical jokes, including the bear in the camp and the house on fire in my post, but I forgot. I also was going to mention your aptitude to be oh so "pun"ny all the time. "hay, dad" ... "what?" ... "No, hay, see it?"

Tammy said...

I remember your Dad teaching early morning seminary in 9th grade. I wasn't the greatest student in there but I did learn and grow. I also remember you and your Dad picking me up to come hang out at your house and the Daddy daughter conversations in the car. Fun times from Mt. Jordan.
Tammy "Drown" Anderson