Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Abraham!!

We weren't sure how Abraham's birthday would play out this year, since it was the day after Rex's surgery. Since the operation went so well, we kept our plans and headed to the North Carolina Transportation museum. We went there last year for his birthday and had the best time and so we went again. Unfortunately since we'd been there last year they decided to start charging admission. Bummer! Although admission included a train ride, which was a huge hit.

Anyone who knows Tyler can hear him, "choo choo"as they look at this picture. He was thrilled. You might be thinking "Why didn't they go there for Tyler's birthday since he is SO crazy for trains?". We were thinking the same thing. Both boys were in heaven though.
Rex woke up for a few minutes on the train. He was wide eyed until it started moving, then he was sound asleep once again. Photo op!
All the boys (except Rex :-) We were lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Carlile there with us.
This is the face we get when we ask Tyler to smile. I think it is really super cute.
Abraham really loved this construction corner at the museum and spent quite a bit of time there.
Ken and I were there too! It is easy to forget to get pictures of yourself.
Look at that smile. He's gotten so big and is such a sweet boy.
This is how Rex spent most of the day. He was still feeling the affects of the surgery anesthesia and spent pretty much the whole time sleeping.

Brother love.

They had some Halloween decorations up. The kids were okay with these skeletons.

The little wolf man we saw in another room? They weren't so okay with him.

We don't have many pictures with all five of us so we had to take advantage of the opportunity.

This was the drive home. Everybody sleeping. Ken and I thought it was pretty funny.

When we got home, we'd set up his presents in a backroom filled with balloons. He was so thrilled to go running back there. My favorite part was how much he let his brother in on the presents and how kind and sharing he was. I don't think Tyler even realized that none of the gifts were for him.

Grandma and Grandpa Red sent him this really awesome quiet book. We wish they could have been there with us too!

This was the morning after, playing with all the spoils. What a wonderful day he had.

We are so grateful to have Abraham in our family. He keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing. Happy Birthday, we love you!

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Lindsey B said...

Happy Birthday Abraham! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun at the train museum and opening presents (of course!). I love the picture of everyone asleep on the way home. Classic!