Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Halloween, umm, Thanksgiving?

We loved having Grandpa and Grandma Carlile here for Halloween. I especially loved the help with sewing costumes. Our family theme: The First Thanksgiving.

The boys and I went Trunk or Treating while Ken & Grandpa passed out candy and Grandma held the baby.Our cutest little corn on the cob, a pirate would have just been too obvious. Confessi on: Ken and I wore thesme costumes to a party when we were dating.
Abraham wanted to be a zombie. We told him he could be a Indian Warrior Zombie and then he was cool with it.
Two Awesome Pilgrims
What Thanksgiving is complete without a turkey? I don't know if anyone could eat a turkey that cute though!Happy Halloween!


Lindsey B said...

Ellie and I are looking at the pictures together. She keeps saying, "This one! This one!" when she points to Abe and TyTy. Cute pictures and cute family!


Tucker Mom said...

Cute, I guess it would matter how much of a turkey that turkey was being to be eaten or not. Love the corn on the cob pirate.

Sandy said...

What a fun family costume!! Love it!