Thursday, September 22, 2016

Girl's Night!

While the boys were at the Father and Son's Camp out, Annie and I had our own little girl's night. First we went to my neice Maddie's birthday party, to help them decorate cookies. Annie was pretty sure the party was for her and even made them sing Happy Birthday to her while she blew out the candles. Luckily, 10 year old girls think 2 year olds are adorable and they loved her. 
 The next day we went to Letterland at Pullen Park. For our little letter lover, it was a dream come true. 

 We rode the train, which she loved. 

 And the carousel, which she hated!
While she loved all the big pictures and posters of letters, when it came down to meeting the mascot type characters of them, she informed me they were "creepy" and asked to go home. Good call, little one. 

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