Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cruise Day 7

Day 7 was a day at sea. We spent some time in the morning out on the helicopter pad on the front of the boat. 
We had mentioned that we would love to see dolphins and not minutes later we saw a huge school of dolphins. I pulled my phone out and caught some awesome video. There is a lot of wind noise, but it is just so beautiful to see these animals. 

 We love attending the trivia on the boat and this cruise there was a group of 4 from Minnesota that were always at the table next to us for trivia. We learned they were supposed to have Harry Potter trivia, but had to cancel it for this particular cruise. We asked for their trivia and permission to run it ourselves. Of course, since we were now in charge we made it interesting and the Porters brought out the shocking machine. And of course, that alone wasn't good enough for us and they brought out blindfolds too. So much laughter and so much fun. 

 We never even knew our trivia friend's names. We always just called them "Minnesota". I tied as winner of trivia with one of our Minnesota friends. Accio, gold medal!
Such great fun and such great memories with the very best of friends. Two years is gonna seem like a long time until we get to do it again!

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