Friday, September 23, 2016

Tyler is 7!

I can't believe Tyler is 7. 

 I love the pure joy on his face in these pictures. 

 We have this creepy little doll that Ken's grandma made. We call him the Leprechaun Doll and he finds his way around our house and shows up on random occasions. We wrapped him up for Tyler's birthday and he thought it was so funny. 

 Breakfast of champions: Chocolate and marshmallows. 
I got to go and have lunch with him at school.  

 He picked donuts as his treat to hand out to his classmates. 
 Since Abraham eats lunch right after Tyler, I stayed to eat with him too. 

 Tyler wanted Lego Bionicle cupcakes. I had many ideas, but this is what he ended up with. They tasted good and he was happy, so I guess that's what matters most. 
He wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday, so we headed there and played games and then walked down the road and ate pizza at CiCi's. 

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

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