Friday, September 9, 2016

Cruise Day 6

Cruise Day 6 was spent in Cozumel. Ken and I were so excited to tour Chichen Itza. It was a long bus ride to get there and we only had a couple hours once we arrived, but it was well worth it. Such an amazing place. We wished we had days to spend there instead of hours. We both hope to one day get to return and spend some more time enjoying such a wonderful and historically rich place. 

 The stadium was SO fascinating to me. I loved hearing about the games they played and seeing all the symbolism in the art. They told us that the winning team's captain was beheaded, that's one sport I'd hate to make the team!

 The wall of skulls was, of course, one of our favorite sites. And the King Henry Maintenance Massacre tattoo fit right in. 

 After we got off the bus we had to hurry back to the cruise ship. Our bus had been running very late, but luckily we booked through the cruise ship so they had to wait for us. At one point we passed this wall that had cut glass on top and we couldn't help ourselves, we had to take a picture with our tattoo of the day. The other bus passengers thought we were insane....maybe we are. 
 Later that night we had to get a group tattoo picture, Greg's belly button tattoo definitely steals the show. 

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