Saturday, November 17, 2012

Abraham turns 5!!

Abraham celebrated his 5th birthday on October 27th. He came into our room first thing in the morning and said, "Its my birthday, do I get to go to kindergarten today?". 
 He was so thrilled to open his presents. 
 Since we had the Ward Trunk or Treat that night, he got breakfast at Golden Corral to celebrate!
 For months now, Abraham has told me he wanted a Plants Vs Zombies birthday. So we started with brain cupcakes.
 Ken put his artistic abilities to use with some marshmallow fondant and created an awesome cake.
 If you don't know the game, you won't understand the cake. 
 The plants...
 The zombies...
 Abraham didn't see the cake until we brought it out with candles burning. His reaction was awesome. He totally loved it. 
 I tried to get a picture with all the kids eating their cake and smiling, but Maddie was my only model. She was happy and smiling in every picture. Everyone else was, um, inconsistent. 
 I couldn't resist posting this cute picture of cute Rex. 
 Happy birthday Abraham! Oh how we love you. 

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Tucker Mom said...

Happy birthday Abraham Glad you had a good day