Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Independence Day Brazil!

Since Brazil's Independence Day landed on a Friday this year, Ken and I decided to celebrate. We figured out who in our ward had served missions in Brazil and invited them all over to celebrate. 

I didn't take tons of pictures, but it was a fun night with delicious, authentic food, and fantastic company. 

We used a coconut in our decorations and that Monday for FHE Ken and the big boys broke into it and ate it.


Tucker Mom said...

Love the expressions of those boys Did they like the coconut? You actually used the dinning room table. Wow must have been a really fun party. You guys are so very cleaver. Miss you

MWaldorf said...

Sorry, I am stalking all your old blog posts. This looks like a cool party idea. So creative! Spencer talks about wanting to go back to Brasil every week... maybe I should just bring Brasil here :)