Friday, November 16, 2012

One Year Later

About one year after Rex's first eye surgery, he was back having his 3rd surgery. This time it was for his ears though, and not his eyes. He got tubes placed. 
 There's never been a cuter patient! The nurses were just eating him up. The anesthesiologist and nurse actually fought over who got to carry him back!
 The surgery went perfectly and we are hoping for an ear infection free winter.
 Heading home.
Honestly, I can't believe how much has happened in one year. I remember being SO scared when we first learned that Rex had a cataract in his eye. We didn't know what to expect and weren't have much luck finding answers. Luckily we ended up at the Duke Eye Center with an amazing ophthalmologist. We suffered through the contact and made it out alive. We got his implant and his glasses. I will always remember the first time he passed an eye exam with his right eye. They probably thought I was crazy because I started crying. I was so happy to know that Rex would be able to see and see basically normal. We still patch everyday, and the older he gets the harder it is to keep that patch on him, but really he does pretty well with it. He keeps his glasses on for the most part and I'll admit, as silly as I thought they were, they are a part of him now. We're grateful for all the support we've had, we're grateful for our doctors, our health insurance, and modern medicine, we're grateful for Gracie sharing her frames :-) and we are more than grateful for our sweet little boy. Here's to another year and the ability to clearly look to the future.


Jessica Brown said...

yeah rex!

Tucker Mom said...

Love that Rex. Give him a hug from me

Sofia L said...

Wow he really is the cutest patient I've ever seen!!! I'm so happy to hear his eye is doing well. I would have been scared too.