Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween was Out of this World!

We had a Space theme for Halloween this year. Ken and I actually had a really good time spending our evenings together working on the costumes. 
 Our wonderful neighbors, the Crooks, came to the Trunk or Treat with us. I could just eat that baby alive, he's so cute.
 Rex found this barbell and was totally fascinated with it. He would have carried it around all night.
 Chili and cornbread dinner!
 This cute little boy picked up trunk or treating immediately. He clutched that bag so tightly and held it out for anyone and everyone to fill up for him.
 Halloween night was a few days later. We suited the boys up again to head out. Tyler the robot.

 Abraham the astronaut.
Rex the NASA commander. 
 The cutest boys around. 
 Ken and I decided that once as aliens was enough for us and took the boys out trick or treating, sans costumes.

Happy, Happy Halloween. Let the planning for next year begin!


Jessica Brown said...

Love the costumes! I missed the party and didn't get to see them live.

Tucker Mom said...

Love those costumes. Great idea

Sandy said...

Seriously? AMAZING!!! I mean, AMAZING!!!

Gail said...

The costumes look amazing. But, seriously, Ken decided not to dress up on Halloween proper? Has becoming Bishop made him stodgy? ;)

Megan Benedict said...

Kids are so funny. Cohen cried when I put all the nutcrackers away for Christmas. It's fun to see them get so into the holidays.