Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tyler Loves Halloween

I was in the middle of putting away the Halloween decorations when Tyler wandered upstairs. He immediately burst into tears. 
 He was so sad that I was putting it all away. In his own words, "I love them so much. I will miss them so much". 
 Is he his father's son or what? We finally came to an agreement, since I wasn't open to leaving the directions up all year. 
 We took pictures with his favorite things. Now he can enjoy Halloween all year long.


Brenda said...

Super cute. We have had to do that with a few things. It works on older kids too. If you have a super sentimental almost 12 year old, their own camera works great!

Tucker Mom said...

Like mother like son. So cute

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Haha! Just barely reading this. Cute kiddo!

That head-in-a-bowl is unbelievably creepy.