Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014

Santa came!
 The first presents! I thought it was so cute that the first thing each boy wanted to open was the present they'd been given by their siblings. I guess eyeing them under the tree for a week made them extra curious. 

 Grandma Red crocheted Rex these awesome batarangs, but my favorite part of this picture is my photo bomb in the back. Christmas makes me really excited. 
 Another awesome crocheted present from Grandma Red. 
 My brother (let's be honest, it was probably my sister-in-law) sent Annemarie this cute book. It is a board book, very simple Pride and Prejudice. She LOVED it, which made my book worm heart so happy. 
 Grandma Carlile sent Rex a Batman costume. 

 Aunt Kristy made an awesome Transformer blanket for Tyler. 
 This year each child got one big present from Santa, one book, and one shirt. We loved simplifying things a bit. Tyler's big present was a big art kit. 
 Rex got a balance bike.
 And Abraham got a huge Lego set. There isn't a picture, but Annemarie got a little keyboard. 
 Can you spot the flying batarang? Bad guys beware....
 I loved this. For some reason it just seemed so "Christmas" to me. 
Stay tuned for a few more Christmas related posts!

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Brittany Abbott said...

The sibling gifts were popular at our house too! That is a rewarding thing to see them show each other love!