Saturday, January 3, 2015

Meeting the REAL Santa

Abraham, Tyler and I were the only Carlile attendees at the ward Christmas party this year (Ken was home with 2 sleepy little ones). On the way there, the boys had discussed how they would see Santa, but he wouldn't be the 'real' Santa, he was just a helper who'd report back to him. On the way home, Abraham remarked that he couldn't believe he'd actually met the real Santa. When I questioned him why he now thought it was the real Santa and not a helper, he replied that he'd called him and Tyler both by name before they said anything. Thanks to a great Santa for keeping that magical spark alive for one more year!


Amy M said...

I agree, a great Santa this year!

Jessica Brown said...

I bet you had the raisin nut bran. I do not like sugary cereal. Yuck!