Sunday, January 4, 2015

Knightdale Station

The day after Christmas we had some unseasonably good weather, so we headed out to a park that I'd found recently, but Ken had never been to. 

Rex had a little trouble when we first got there, so while I took care of business with him, Ken took the other kids for a walk. Annemarie was SO close to walking at this point. 

Still trying to walk. See Abraham sulking behind us? He'd decided this was a park for little kids and he didn't want to play.

Tyler on the other hand had worked up a sweat in no time.

He got over his sulkiness when he found this tire in the sand pit.

Rex wanted to play farmer the whole time. He's feeding his cows.

The drive home. Not sure what they are all doing, but I thought it was funny.


Sue said...

We liked the pictures. We think Tyler looks a lot like Ken when he was that age.

Sue said...