Saturday, January 24, 2015


Rex has been struggling with having his eye patched over the last year and a half. He did so good with it when he was really little (he's been patched since 7 weeks old), but once he figured out how to take it off, we were in for it. He is too little to understand why and too little to bribe. It has been a constant struggle. He's starting to get old enough that I can convince him to wear it for about 30 minutes a day now. We spend the whole time reading books together and he asks me after each book if he can take it off, but we are getting there. 
Sometimes I can convince him to wear it a little longer (he's supposed to wear it 3 hours a day) by playing on the photo booth app with him. He thinks it is so funny, and honestly, so do I!

Here's to good vision!

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Amy M said...

Oh patching...I remember those days. In fact, we were just looking at some old videos of the boys and Seth asked, "Mom, why is Paul dressed like a pirate?" Guess he was too young to have any memories of Paul's patching days. But Paul definitely remembers!