Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Eve

I love our Christmas Eve traditions. We invite friends over. We make french dip sandwiches (what my Grandma Bodily always made for Christmas Eve). We reenact the nativity. We open Christmas jammies. 
 Our ragtag nativity this year. 
 Some may remember that last year, Rex was adamant that he play Mary and he totally owned it. This year, he knew exactly what he wanted to be! The angel. 
 After we finished all the kids were playing with the gold the wise men brought baby Jesus. It made me chuckle. 
 'Mary' hoarding the loot. 
 Opening jammies, notice that Rex is still wearing his angel wings. 
 Annemarie was totally into opening the present, a first for her. 
 The boys
 The girls
 A nice picture for posterity's sake....
 What it is really like at our house....
 So, Annemarie has been totally terrified of the Christmas tree. She wouldn't come near it and if you brought her within a foot of it, she'd get totally anxious and start whining. For some reason, after we were done opening our jammies, she was totally interested in the tree for the first time. It was the magic of Christmas, I guess. 

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