Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day.

We had a great Father's Day today. It was Stake Conference for us and so Ken had no early meetings! Hooray! We got to drive to church together, a rare and special surprise. Also, we got a new Stake President, so we had the priviledge of literally sitting at the feet of an apostle as Elder Bednar spoke to us. Ken has been working from home more, to save on gas, so we got him an office chair and mat for his work room downstairs. He is the best Daddy and we were glad to have a special day where we could tell him so!! Abe getting ready to give his Dad the floor mat he picked out especially for him.
He wore his I *heart* my Daddy onsie to celebrate. We laughed when we saw he'd gotten his wisk (a favorite toy!) wedged in like it was a sword or something.
Ken trying out his new chair!
My boys. Aren't they handsome???


Davis Family said...

Cute pictures. I WISH Bryan could work from home, but I think we would have a hard time convincing his patients to come to our house. (that might be a little akward anyway)

Aaron and Rachelle said...

Happy Fathers Day!! We are moving on Wednesday (2 days). We're pathetic for never getting together with you guys. So sorry!! Have a good week.

Andrea said...

I love the picture of Abe's "sword"! That's hilarious. Glad you guys had such a great day, I sure am jealous you got to see Elder Bednar!

Jessica Tucker said...

that last pic is so cute!! I'm glad that you guys had a good fathers day. Gordon has been working from home and sometimes its hard for him to stay on task but I love having him so close.

Boyer Family said...

Did seemed to have left out a present you got Ken. Embarrassed?? JK Can't wait to borrow it from you though.